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"Would you believe me if I told you I did these paintings on my own? It's so easy once someone shows you how to do it step by step. And the best part is you just follow along. You learn how to do it on your own and I just love that."

Nikki, USA

"I only use my iPad to play stupid games that do nothing for me but waste my time. Since I started with Freya's Procreate Masterclass, I haven't even opened any of the games because I've been drawing non-stop. I am so proud I never knew I could actually do paintings like this on my own."

Lauren, USA

"I never thought it would awaken the artist in me at 59 years old. - As soon as I started, I was hooked. It's not hard. The narration is slow and calm, and you learn every step of the way in a manner that really makes you understand the digital jumbo mumbo."

Susan, USA

"One night I was video chatting with my sister in Colorado and she told me about this online course that teaches you to draw on an iPad. She showed me her paintings. Knowing my sister isn't really much of an artist, well, I was blown away. I decided to enroll in the class as well and it was one of the best decisions I made."

Gary, USA

"Here is my apple that I learned to paint in Freya's Procreate masterclass. I really love these classes because Freya shows step by step how to do the details, how to manage the layers and brushes, and I understood better the Procreate tools."

Isabel, Brazil

"I personally think that Freya's course is very comprehensive, I feel that Freya's course is very easy to follow. I love that there is that therapeutic-ness that comes from drawing line after line, you know? And funny enough, it actually awaken my love for digital art again"

Alyshia, Malaysia

"My family bought me an iPad and a ticket for the Procreate Masterclass because they know how much I've wanted to learn how to draw all my life. And believe me, if I could learn to draw digital paintings like these at 53, anyone can"

Ah Lam, Singapore

"I thought the lesson was really easy to follow along with and to understand, and I learned some great tips and tricks about different brushes to use and clipping masks, which I didn't know how to do that before. And layering and color. I think it's a great lesson for beginners and people who have a little more experience in Procreate also."

Rachelle, USA

"I never knew how much fun you can have with just an iPad, an Apple Pencil and a course. I learned digital illustration at 61 years old and now I can't stop doing it. I found a new passion. I find new friends. And now I can't wait to wake up each day and do some digital painting. I love it!!"

Norma, USA

"She really goes into in-depth about explaining the different techniques and the options and how to just be a bit more aware of what you're doing and how different things like the light, the textures and the reflections and the shadows, the highlights, all that stuff. Just really helpful."

Tayjul, UK

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Using knowledge you’ll gain throughout this course, I’ve been able to sell my art to Sephora, Kate Spade NY, Tiffany&Co., Mango, Pomelo and many others.

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