PenSleeve for Apple Pen (2nd Gen) by Optishield© x

If you’ve got an ipad and pencil and a little bit of time… you can create works of art you’re proud to share. Whether you’re brand new to art or a seasoned creator, you can learn these techniques and achieve Master Artist status. I Guarantee it!

PenSleeve for Apple Pen (2nd Gen) by Optishield© x


If you draw on an iPad, you’re probably no stranger to blisters and calluses on your middle finger. Protect your Apple Pencil with PenSleeve and enjoy a silky soft grip! The PenSleeve hugs your Apple Pencil to prevent sliding, offering a better grip, enhanced comfort, and greater precision than using a bare Apple Pencil.



Available in three colors: graphite grey, sky blue, and rosy pink.

  • Magnetic Charging*: The PenSleeve does not interfere with magnetic charging, so you can leave it on your Apple Pencil while charging it on your iPad.
  • Seamless Functionality: The double-tap feature works flawlessly, allowing you to easily switch between drawing and erasing functions without any hassle.


*The magnetic charging may be affected if you use a cover/case on your iPad.

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Graphite Grey, Rosy Pink, Sky Blue


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