Oil Painting in Procreate – 
Mini Course

If you’ve got an ipad and pencil and a little bit of time… you can create works of art you’re proud to share. Whether you’re brand new to art or a seasoned creator, you can learn these techniques and achieve Master Artist status. I Guarantee it!

Oil Painting in Procreate – 
Mini Course


Unlock the full potential of 'Freya's Oil Brushset' with our comprehensive "Oil Painting in Procreate Mini Course." Discover insider techniques to maximize the usage of dry and wet brushes, all while creating a captivating digital oil painting. Follow my lead as we explore the array of brushes in the set, empowering you to create stunning artworks with confidence and flair!

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A special 2-hour oil painting mini-course, focusing on dry brushes for realism and wet brushes for impressionism.


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Mini Course”