Better Marker Brush Set

If you’ve got an ipad and pencil and a little bit of time… you can create works of art you’re proud to share. Whether you’re brand new to art or a seasoned creator, you can learn these techniques and achieve Master Artist status. I Guarantee it!


Better Marker Brush Set

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Marker Brushes for Procreate - Same look. Same feel. Less drama. Forget about drying time and blending & shading issues. Use these 106 marker brushes to paint anything from quick sketches to jaw-dropping anime-style artworks, product and fashion illustrations or interior design ideas.

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The Better Marker Brush Set for Procreate includes 12 Dry Marker brushes, 23 Wet Marker brushes, 12 Calligraphy Marker brushes, 48 Marker Stamps, 11 Fine Paper Textures, and BONUS introduction videos. Elevate your digital art with this versatile and comprehensive collection.


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