Freya’s Watercolor Paper Textures

If you’ve got an ipad and pencil and a little bit of time… you can create works of art you’re proud to share. Whether you’re brand new to art or a seasoned creator, you can learn these techniques and achieve Master Artist status. I Guarantee it!


Freya’s Watercolor Paper Textures

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Want to paint on traditional watercolor paper, but you’re a digital artist? There is a way! Emulate premium European watercolor paper look such as Arches®, Moulin Du roy®, Fabriano® etc. but still be able to undo your mistakes with the click of a button. Meet the Freya's Watercolor Paper Textures for Procreate!

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Split into the 5 main types - Fine, Rough, Cold-Pressed, Hot-Pressed and grain variations - there are 50 different paper texture brushes available for you to use in Procreate.


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