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Get Over 800 Custom Procreate Brushes for the Price of One Real-World Art Supply Set


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From Freya Kotchakorn 

I’m activating your lifetime course access right now and you’ll get the confirmation email shortly!
In the meantime, there’s just one more thing (and stick around for a special secret offer at the end of this page) …

Procreate’s default brushes are a good starting point, but honestly, they can be limiting. It took me years of frustration to realize that custom brushes were the secret to truly detailed and realistic artwork.

Honestly, the difference is like night and day!

Why Custom Brushes Matter:

Hyper-Realistic Detail: Achieve textures, blends, and effects impossible with standard brushes.
Unlock Your Style: Find brushes perfectly tailored to your artistic vision.
Save Time: No more fussing with settings – just create.
Endless Inspiration: Experiment and push the boundaries of your art.
See what others created with my custom bruses: 

It took me hours to sample, scan, edit, and perfect each brush. But you don’t have to do any of that!

I’ve put together my most popular brush sets, each carefully designed to enhance your artwork.

I’ve put together my most popular brush sets, each carefully designed to enhance your artwork.

In this megapack, you’ll will get the exact brushes I use. 👇

Freya’s Artistic Lettering Brush set


Freya’s Effortless Flower Brush set


Freya's Gouache Brush Set


Better Marker Brush Set


Freya's Oil Brush Set


The Ultimate Watercolor Brush set

Take advantage of this special hidden offer and get all 7 Freya’s brush sets of over 800+ custom-made Procreate brushes for the price of ONE set of real physical brushes & paint!
Clicking the button above will charge your payment method on file for $97*.

n *This one-time offer is only available now.n It will NOT be available after you leave this page or 10 minutes expire.n

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